Attention - glass!

Reverse glass painting from August Macke until today

23 / 5 – 30 / 8 / 2020

With select exhibits ranging from August Macke to contemporary art, the exhibition is dedicated to a special genre of painting that opened up a new creative field of experimentation for the artists of Classic Modernism. Beginning with the achievements of the Rheinland Expressionists and Der Blaue Reiter group, the topicality and variety can be seen that reverse glass painting still possesses for contemporary art today. Rare works by August Macke and Gabriele Münter, Heinrich Campendonk and Paul Klee, Carlo Mense and Paul Adolf Seehaus are responded to by reverse glass images created after 1945 by Werner Schriefers as well as contemporary positions: Michael Jäger, Camill Leberer and Gaby Terhuven show spatially related works that enter into a dialogue with both the collection and the museum architecture.


Sunnday, 29 March, 11.30 a.m.


Setting out for the land of colours

The invention of new image printing methods in the 19th century


24 / 11 / 2019 – 9 / 8 / 2020

In the 19th century, the world became a little more colourful! The development of new printing methods

made it possible for the first time ever to produce colourful images in large runs with high quality.

Mainly the invention of lithography by Alois Senefelder in 1798 revolutionised printing and marked the beginning

of mass distribution of printed images. Later, chromolithography added colour to the mix.


The exhibition presents, explains and visualises the variety of different printing methods developed and used in the 19th and

early 20th centuries. It literally puts some of the printed sheets under a microscope – or rather a magnifying glass:

only through optical enlargement, it is possible to precisely identify the details and distinctions between the printing methods.



Feld-Haus - Museum of Popular Imagery
Berger Weg 5, Neuss