The unifying language of art

10/11/2019 – 1/3/2020

The term “encounters” is usually understood to mean a meeting between two or more people. But what

happens when two works of art from very different perspectives come together – namely from the Russian-Jewish

private collection Rubinstein-Horowitz and the collection of the Clemens Sels Museum Neuss?

On the basis of 40 selected pairs of pictures and images, diverse topics will be focused on that arise from the innate

association between the artworks. The concept primarily concerns the activating of personal observation,

and the objects, ranging from the 15th to 20th century, are intended to trigger a specifically formulated “impulse”

within a contemporary relation to the present.


Both digital and analogue formats in the exhibition open up a wide variety of perspectives for perusal and analysis,

ranging from a fairytale quiz for smartphones and a children's audio guide to a discovery book for children and

adventure islands with creative activities.



So, 10. november, 11.30 a.m.