Audio Guide

For adults

Rental fee 3 €, deposit 20 €


For children

No rental fee, deposit 20 €

Edward Burne-Jones

Maurice Denis

August Macke

Max Ernst

The audio guide makes the works accessible to visitors in a well-founded and entertaining way. The visual impression is explained and the gaze is drawn to important details. Exciting connections and background information help the viewers to engage with the exhibits.

The audio guide was developed in cooperation with tonwelt GmbH, a leading provider of interpretation technology in Germany. Tonwelt GmbH in Berlin combines high-quality audio tours with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features.


The audio guide was produced in German and English. The translation was carried out by native speakers and specialists on the themes of art and culture.


The supraGuide MULTI combines maximal functionality with simple handling and superb sound. With its combination of large keyboard and touchscreen this innovative multimedia guide guarantees user-friendly operation for all museum visitors. A built-in microphone also makes the supraGuide MULTI suitable for group tours. The device is conspicuous for its elegant design.

Designed by star designer Arman Emami

Nominated for the German Design Award 2014




Great value was placed in the choice of devices to enable every visitor to make use of the possibilities and advantages of an audio guide. The supraGuide MULTI device combines maximal functionality with simple handling.
For blind or partially sighted visitors the keyboard is equipped with large numbers and Braille symbols. For wearers of hearing aids and cochlear implants the sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aid with the help of an induction loop system.


Tonwelt GmbH works exclusively with professional speakers who have considerable experience with film, TV, radio and talking book productions.


An Audio Tour of the Museum

Clementine and Paul are very curious. They look around the museum carefully and go close up to the pictures. Suddenly they hear whispers. The voices get louder and louder – wild battle sounds blast from the Obertor. One by one the pictures and objects come to life and tell their stories. And what stories they are! Funny … sad … thought-provoking … exciting. The audio guide invites all children to explore the pictures and exhibit objects in a special audio tour. Curious grown-ups are welcome to come along, too!


This audio guide is a media education cooperation project between the school board of the Neuss Rhine district and the Clemens Sels Museum Neuss. It was produced in the district media center in cooperation with the schools of Neuss under the guidance of the Competence Team moderators Dominik Kaulen and Bettina Schneidewin.