Preserving the Form

Sculptures by Josef Neuhaus

24 / 2 – 27 / 10 / 2019

The sculptor Josef Neuhaus (1923 Essen – 1999 Neuss) is one of the representatives of geometrical concrete art.

Always in quest of objective, absolute ideal and pure form, Neuhaus created works that in their appearance

are as timeless as Egyptian pyramids. The exhibition "Preserving the Form. Sculptures by Josef Neuhaus" intends to

reveal in 2019 – 20 years after the artist's death – how astonishingly modern and pioneering his objects are.

In addition, the Feld-Haus presents a selection from the municipal collection of art from Neuss set within its unique,

in terms of geometry equally minimalist Kirkeby architecture.



Feld-Haus - Museum of Popular Imagery
Berger Weg 5, Neuss