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The unifying language of art

Works of art transport multi-layered information, sometimes obvious - sometimes hidden. In the exhibition, the aim was to discover the inner connection between the works by means of 40 pairs. The pairs consisted of one object from the museum's collection and one from the Russian-Jewish private collection Rubinstein-Horowitz, in order to initiate a visual dialogue with a wide variety of themes.

visual dialogue with a wide variety of themes. Thus, two still lifes from different centuries became a mirror for the respective social situation, and the famous depiction of Icarus from Henri Matisse's artist's book "Jazz" combines the element of rhythm and movement with the motif of the dancing harlequin in Sergei Jutkevich's watercolor. Targeted impulses, food for thought and interaction invited visitors to encounter the exhibits in an individual way. A special "visual journey" through the exhibition was also offered for children. This exhibition was made possible through close collaboration with collector Tanya Rubinstein-Horowitz. She granted museum director Dr. Uta Husmeier-Schirlitz access to her extensive private collection, which she inherited from her grandfather Jakov Rubinstein (1900-1983).

The compilation of the pairs of works was worked out in many joint discussions. They received additional support from the art historian Dr. Olga Sugrobova-Roth, who contributed her expertise in Russian art in particular to the project.

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