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Detail aus dem Spiel

Games from the collection of the Feld-Haus

As one of the few specialized museums for popular prints, the Feld-Haus houses a collection of over 5,000 objects. From this colorful collection, we have created a memory game and a game of chance from Anno Dazumal, which you can easily download and print out yourself. Have fun playing!

Blaues Wollknäuel, Bastelgarn und eine Tube Klebstoff

Seeing with your hands

Can we recognize and understand image content without seeing it? How quickly can a painting be perceived tactilely? What assistance can we offer people with visual impairments and blindness?

Foto von Lichtspuren im dunklen Raum

DIY light graffiti

Not with spray cans, but with light and glow sticks, you too can tag your messages into the room or the dark winter day and capture your light magic with camera and smartphone.

Coloring after “Old Masters”!

Who doesn't know them, the popular picture motifs like Leonardo's "Last Supper" or Raphael's "Little Angels"? Coloring templates of these icons are available for download.


History to color

Grab crayons or a paint box and bring our past to life with lots of colorful paint!

DIY Shadow Theather and Light Box.

Actor, director, narrator, theater director - in your own shadow theater you can make the puppets dance with friends and family!

Maybe you are still looking for a nice gift? How about a magical light box

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