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Fish Land River

A time travel through the history of fishing in the Lower Rhine region

Ein Fischer im Boot mit Fischernetz

Exciting exhibits and many faithful reproductions take the visitor into wonderful water worlds and ten thousand years of fishing history.

Fish is one of the oldest foods of mankind. Whether salmon, pike, carp, bream or mussels - man found plenty of food in rivers and lakes in earlier centuries.

The basic forms of most fishing gear, which are still in use today in professional fishing, were already developed in the Neolithic Age: The sedentary lifestyle enabled Neolithic farmers and cattle breeders to build large or stationary fishing gear such as large fish traps and fish fences.

The Rhine and the Erft used to be waters rich in fish. They were also home to many migratory fish such as salmon, allis shad and eels. In the 20th century, industrialization and the associated pollution of the waters deprived professional fishermen of their livelihood.

Children audio guide

With our audio guide by children for children, you can discover our exhibition "Fish Land River. A time travel through the history of fishing in the Lower Rhine region".

We hope these little appetizers will whet your appetite for more!
When we are allowed to open again, we look forward to your visit to our museum.

The audio guide was produced by students of the Martin Luther School and the Görress School in Neuss together with the presenters Bettina Schneidewin and Dominik Kaulen from the Rhine District Neuss Competence Team.

Underwater worlds

Light installation

The two media artists Sean Fortune and Frederic Printz have created a fascinating underwater world

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On the Erft

Fisherman with a "Tütebell" on the Erft off Neuss

Hubert Ritzenhofen (1879-1961)
On the Erft in Neuss - view of Neuss with Quirinus Minster, oil on canvas, c. 1930

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Hüfat and Hälter

Reconstruction and original
Loan Jörg Nadler

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Throw net

Replica of a Roman throwing net
Loaned by Jörg Nadler

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Roman basketry
Reconstructions after finds from the Dutch provinces Noord- and Zuidholland
On loan from Jörg Nadler

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Air dried cod

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Work clothes of a fisherman of the 18th century.
Oil shirt and trousers made of historical canvas, impregnated with linseed oil.
Wooden shoe with leather shaft
On loan from Jörg Nadler

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