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Heaven help!

The Ces Hernandez Collection

Images of saints, representations of Jesus and also of the Mother of God, often accompanied by an edifying text, served for private devotion and are thus signs of individual piety.

The exhibition illustrates the history as well as the diversity of the printed devotional image. It is remarkable how finely and richly detailed the small-format sheets are designed. The beautiful pieces were brought back from pilgrimages, for example, and are often found well preserved in prayer books.

For the exhibition, it was possible to draw from a large fund: in 2016, the Hernandez Collection, comprising around 5,000 objects, was donated to the Clemens Sels Museum Neuss. Today, they are part of the special collection Feld-Haus - Museum für Populäre Druckgrafik. The exhibition aims to draw attention to the generous donation.


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