Fragments of blue glass arm rings
Fragments of blue glass arm rings Width

3rd-2nd century BC
Width: 1.6 – 2.7 cm
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The blue glass fragments come from arm rings worn by women in the lower Rhine region during the late Iron Age – that is, from the mid-3rd century to the mid 1st century BC. In many parts of Central Europe glass arm rings of many different colors, shapes and decorative types appear in the Celtic La Tène culture. Neuss belongs to the Lower Rhine fringe area of the Celtic culture in the late Iron Age. For several variants of the 500 or so known lower Rhine glass arm ring fragments it is believed, based on their distribution patterns in the northern Rhineland, that they were also manufactured here. Other regional production centers can also be located in the Dutch territory. However scientific analysis is needed to determine whether the glass mass arrived in the lower Rhine through trade or was produced here.

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