Enthroned Jupiter
Part of a Jupiter column

3rd century AD
Bunter sandstone
Height: 37 cm
Inventory Number

In the 3rd century AD this figure of Jupiter once topped a column. His emblem – the thunderbolt in his hand – is difficult to make out and the head is missing altogether. Jupiter was the chief Roman deity. He was worshipped above all by the military. According to Romans beliefs, it was only the protection of the gods that ensured military successes.Thus it was the duty of loyal citizens and soldiers to venerate the gods. At the center of the state religion was the so-called Capitoline Triad: Jupiter, the father of the gods, his consort Juno, and Minerva the sponsor of the arts. Roman citizens were also free to worship other gods as well. In the provinces many local deities retained their importance during the Roman occupation and were equated with Roman gods. Novaesium undoubtedly had temples, but they have so far not been found.


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