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Vier Bilder aus der Serie „für Josef“
Four paintings from the series "für Josef"

Susanne Stähli (* 1959)

Acrylic on canvas
Height: je 60 cm
Width: je 50 cm
Signed on back: STÄHLI / 2010
Inventory Number
Purchased in 2011

Susanne Stähli’s central theme is color; she in tensively explores the expressive values of colors and the ways of perceiving them. Even at first glance the works are striking in the rhythmic lightness that develops through the finely tuned color harmonization on the wall. No picture is perceived singly; subtle interactions arise through their juxtapositions that lastingly influence the expression and meaning of each work. The interplay of the shapes and colors stimulate the viewer’s eye to a constant process of perception – which then continues within each individual picture. The paint has been applied in vertical brushstrokes between two horizontal stripes of a different shade. The main color, itself already varying, is trans formed by the coloration of the horizontal sections. The colors arise from their interplay with the adjacent, mixed in and underlying coloring.
The manifold relationships and interactions of color were explored by the painter Josef Albers in the early 20th century. His name gives this series by Susanne Stähli its title – “for Josef.”


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