Heiliger Julian, jagend
St. Julian, Hunting

Heinrich Campendonk (1889 1957)

ca. 1907
Egg tempera on drawing cardboard, mounted on canvas
Height: 144 cm
Width: 311 cm
Signed on lower right: H. CAMPENDONK
Inventory Number
Purchased in 1964

Numerous artists at the start of the 20th century, such as Heinrich Campendonk, Thorn Prikker's most famous pupil, had been inspired from Flaubert’s modern version of the the medieval narrative. The design of “Julian’s Ride across the River” clearly shows to what extent Thorn Prikker, who was a decisive mentor and sponsor to Campendonk, influenced the younger artist in both style and choice of subject. Although Campendonk used a more stringent construction and a more geometrical pictorial language than Thorn Prikker, the depiction of the saint and the accompanying animals resembles that of his mentor in its linear flatness and ornamental treatment of the natural shapes.


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