Kneeling Youth
Plaster version of a fountain figure for the Folkwang Museum in Hagen

George Minne (1866 1941)

Height: 81 cm
Inventory Number
Purchased in 1964

George Minne is con sidered one of the major Symbolist sculptors in Belgium around 1900. Since the 1890s Minne had explored the gaunt figure of a boy with a Gothic elongation of the limbs.
Minne’s most famous sculpture is the “Kneeling Youth”. For Karl Ernst Osthaus’s new museum in Hagen a fountain with five identical kneeling youths is being created as a prominent centerpiece for the entrance hall. Minne used the kneeling youth motif not only as a fountain figure, but as grave monument and as a decorative sculpture on its own. That marks Minne’s radical breakaway from the notion of the function of a sculpture in favor of a new openness. The artist created a new human iconography that makes him a forerunner of modernism.


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