–  Feld Haus – Museum of Popular Imagery

The packed orange

You still see them occasionally, but they have become rare: Originally intended only for protection, wrapping papers for citrus fruits became brightly printed, luminous advertising media. And that's not all: the crates in which the tasty fruits were transported from California or even southern Europe were also adorned by the manufacturers with elaborately designed posters that put oranges and lemons into unexpected contexts.

The Feld-Haus presented a selection of the most beautiful pieces from one of the largest private collections, whose beginnings date back to the middle of the century before last. The motifs adorning the delicate papers could not be more different: Images of people, animals, plants and natural phenomena. Representations from the field of music, sports, entertainment, space travel or shipping. Popular characters from stories and comics, such as Struwwelpeter, Popeye, Donald Duck or Superman have also made it onto the delicate garments of the fruit and are intended to encourage consumers to buy one of the oldest cultivated types of fruit. The box posters feature a comparable variety of motifs and often present themselves in even more colorful ways. Citrus fruits are back in season on grocery store shelves.


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