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Once upon a time

Wonderful fairy tale worlds from the collection Feld-Haus

"Once upon a time..." these words have a certain magic. Hardly heard, well-known fairy tale characters, such as Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White, rise before our eyes. The fantastic, wondrous and sometimes scary fairy tales, such as those from the famous collection of the Brothers Grimm, often contain an instructive core and always offer plenty of entertainment. For these reasons, the fairy tale depictions of the so-called "Münchener Bilderbogen", whose illustrations were often realized by artists such as Wilhelm Busch, the grandfather of the comic strip, also enjoyed particular popularity in the 19th century.

With around 60 exhibits, we invite our visitors on a journey through the wonderful fairy tale worlds of the Feld-Haus Collection.

"The German Fairy Tale Forest" (leaf legend):

"The fairy tale lives in the green forest
In a magic castle,
The entrance shields as a faithful guard
The whole fairy tale tribe.

But you are good, pious and good,
You dear little children,
Then you will be shown the right way,
Then you may also enter."

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of fairy tales and listen to our children's audio guide!

Once upon a time... The Feld-Haus Fairy Tale Playlist

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