–  Clemens Sels Museum Neuss

Jürgen Paatz

Works on paper

The works on paper by Jürgen Paatz, which have been created for decades, represent an important facet in his oeuvre. Nevertheless, they have received far less attention than his works on canvas, which have already been shown in over 30 solo exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

As a former student of Hoehme and a master student of Georg Meistermann, Jürgen Paatz began his search in the 1960s for his own artistic mode of expression, which allows him to constantly rebalance the relationship between materiality, form and color and their transformation in the working process. Accordingly, the selection of works in the Grafisches Kabinett also shows different artistic positions up to the present day: sometimes the focus is on color as matter in the form of gestural compression, sometimes on the specific quality of the paper. But the traces of artistic activity always remain visible.


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