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Me as Mickey Mouse

Draw rock & pop stars from John Lennon to Udo Lindenberg

Whether rebellious, poppy, romantic or crashing sound - female musicians such as John Lennon, Michael Jackson, David Bowie or even Nina Hagen shaped entire generations.

In this context, the diversity of their respective musical styles and personalities is reflected in a particularly charming way in the selected works that the Feld-Haus - Museum für Populäre Druckgrafik will be showing from April 10, 2022 in the exhibition "Me as Mickey Mouse. Drawing Rock and Pop Stars from John Lennon to Udo Lindenberg."

Whether (self-)portrait, landscape, fantastic or sinister creature, the works are sometimes wild and expressive, sometimes humorous or erotic. The 60 or so works, some of which are rarely shown, come from private collections, such as that of the renowned music journalist Gunther Matejka, and allow visitors to get up close and personal with legends of rock and pop history.


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