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Popular Prints after Old Masters from the Feld-Haus Collection

The mass production of murals for domestic use only became possible with the improvement of printing techniques from the middle of the 19th century onwards and thus became affordable for everyone. Prints that reproduced the paintings of old masters were particularly popular.

Famous examples include Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" and the two angels that linger at the bottom of Raffael's "Sistine Madonna" from 1512/13. Taken out of the overall context of the famous Renaissance painting, from the second half of the 19th century onwards the two angels adorned endless glossy pictures for poetry albums, served as guardian angels and were mounted as embossed pictures on embroidery and hung on the wall. Images by famous Italian Baroque artists such as Guido Reni or Carlo Dolci were also reproduced in cut-out form and have been part of the repertoire of popular wall decorations ever since.

In its autumn exhibition, the Feld-Haus - Museum für Populäre Druckgrafik presents selected examples of prominent pictorial motifs from its own collection, with which you can go in search of the masters of past centuries.


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