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Children’s Birthday

A very special birthday party at the museum?

The Clemens Sels Museum Neuss offers you many exciting topics. Your birthday program usually lasts 90 minutes and can be booked with us from 120 € for a maximum of 12 children plus material costs on your desired date:

Booking by phone under 02131 904141 or under

The MINKT "color magic" (from 10 years)

Our fantastic color experiments open up a world of color magic for you. Find out if blue is blue and red is red? What happens when everything is bathed in yellow light? And how much color is actually contained in the colors white and black?

With the Color Magic, the Clemens Sels Museum Neuss is offering a children's birthday party in MINKT format for the first time by combining natural sciences and art. MINKT is short for: Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Art and Technology.

Material costs € 3 per child.

I paint the world as I like it ...

What is that noise? Didn't a duck just quack there?

You can not only look at the painting "Die Donauschiffer" by Erich Grams, but also listen to it. You will discover people, animals and objects by means of the sounds and realize that they look completely different from reality. Because art is unthinkable without imagination. For your souvenir photo - of course in front of the original "The Danube boatmen" - you will design the frames.

Material costs 3 € per child.

Master Detectives (8-12 years)

Do you want to become a master detective? Then come to the museum and solve a theft together. During a tour through the house, you will read various clues and solve tricky puzzles. If your investigation is successful, you will have passed the exam to become a master detective with a diploma!

Material costs 1 € per child.

Be an archaeologist (6-12 years)

This is where it gets exciting! Just like real archaeologists, you'll dig up things and find out what they are. Afterwards, you can fortify yourselves with an archaeologist's meal that you have brought with you. As a souvenir, each of you will take home a Roman coin.

Material costs 3 € per child.

Experience the Stone Age (6-12 years)

How did people live in the Stone Age? What did their dwellings look like, what did they have to eat, and how did they hunt? You will also examine Stone Age tools, try out a spear sling and cut leather with a stone knife. As proof of your courage, you will make a real hunter's necklace out of bone beads and bison teeth.

Material costs 3 € per child.

Be a legionnaire once

Dressed in a tunic, you will explore the life of Roman soldiers. You can try not only a hand mill and Roman games, but also a real legionary armor. As payment for your services, everyone will receive a Roman coin.

Material costs 3 € per child.

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