Two sheets from the series “Untitled”

Katharina Grosse (* 1961)

Acrylic on Arches paper
Height: 75.5 cm
Width: 56 cm
Signed on lower left: Katharina Grosse / 2001 and marked on lower right: 2001 / 3033 S / marked on verso: 2001 / 3060 S
Inventory Number
Purchased in 2004

Katharina Grosse became internationally known in the late 1990s with her large spray paintings in interiors and outdoors. In those works the artist sprayed entire walls full of color, but on these two sheets she allows diffuse colored bodies to e merge in the small format. The two pieces belong to a fivepart series dating from 2001 and show Grosse’s characteristic formal language on paper. The entire sheet is covered by broad, dynamic stripes of brushstrokes. The process of painting and the traces of motion become an integral part of Katharina Grosse’s art. In her characteristic striving for a horizontal and vertical order the artist uses the conjunction of garishly glowing colors to create a moment of confusion and disharmony in each of the works. The interplay of matte and sparkling paint generates a vibrating effect that appears to open up the color space. Our gaze is drawn into the surfaces of the painting as they begin to breathe and pulsate.


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