How do I use the site?

Information in plain language

Here we explain in plain language
how you can use our pages.

This is how you get to the start page:
You enter the address on the Internet:

This will take you to our start page.

Zeichnung zeigt zwei Personen sitzen an einem Computer
Symbol für einen Link "www.(...).de

Back to the start page

Click on our logo.
Then you will come back to the start page.

Top right
is on every page:

  • German
    with info in German
  • About us
    with info about the museum
Zeichnung eines roten Ausrufungszeichens mit einer Frau die den Zeigefinger hebt


Some words have an arrow.
Or a black frame.
Then the word is a link.
You can click on the word.
Then a new page opens.

Symbol für einen Link "www.(...).de

Main menu

Hauptmenü der Website

There is a bar on each page.
This bar is the main menu.

The main menu has 5 sections.
The areas are called:

  1. Visit

  2. Exhibitions

  3. Program

  4. Calendar

  5. Digital

  6. Collections

Click on an area.
Then a new page opens.

Zeichnung der Innenräume eines Museums
Symbol für einen Link "www.(...).de


Next to the main menu is a magnifying glass.
Use it to open the search.

Write a word in the search field.
Click the arrow on the right.
Or press the ENTER key.

Then you can search for the word.
Then you will get to the right page.

Frau mit Frage

Font size

You can make the font larger or smaller:

You can change the font size
with the keyboard :

  • Larger
    Press Ctrl and + at the same time.
    Then the font becomes larger.

  • Smaller
    Press Ctrl and - simultaneously
    Then the font becomes smaller.

You can also change the font with the mouse:

  • You must press the key: Ctrl
    on your keyboard

  • and at the same time turn the wheel on your mouse.
    This will change the font size.

The key: Ctrl is at the bottom left of the keyboard.
The abbreviation: Ctrl stands for: Control.

Sometimes the key is also called: Ctrl.
For computers from abroad.
The abbreviation: Ctrl stands for: Control.
That is English.

Zeichnung eines roten Ausrufungszeichens mit einer Frau die den Zeigefinger hebt


We will be glad to help you.
If you have questions.
Or need help.

This is our telephone number:
0 21 31 - 90 41 32

When we are closed ,
you cannot call us.

You can send us an email.
This is our email address:

An e-mail is a message on the Internet.
In order to write an e-mail
you need a program from the Internet.
And your own e-mail address.

Computer mit E-Mail-Symbol

Text and image rights

Text: Atelier Leichte Sprache
Pictures: © Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Bremen e.V.,
Illustrator Stefan Albers, Atelier Fleetinsel, 2013.


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