Registration on the Internet
or on the phone

Information in plain language

You will find many dates on our site.
For example: In the calendar and in our program.

You must register in advance for the appointments.

You can register on the phone.
Call us: 0 21 31 - 90 41 32.

Or you can register on the Internet.
This is how it works:

  1. choose an appointment. 2. click on the little arrow. more text opens. in a black field it says: Registration. click on the word: Registration. Exception: Sometimes the text for registration is already open. then you can click directly on Registration. a new window opens. in the headline is the appointment you want to register for. below it is all the info about the appointment. for example: - The date - The clock time - The place - How many free places there are. - How much you have to pay.
Zeichnung eines Telefons
Zeichnung von zwei Personen die vor einem Computer sitzen
Zeichnung der Innenräume eines Museums
Zeichnung einer Hand die einen 5 Euro Geldschein hält

Underneath it says: Registration.

Here you need to write info about yourself.

You need to write down this info:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Street with house number

  • The postal code of your place of residence

  • The city you live in

  • The country you live in

  • Your e-mail address

  • Your telephone number

  • How many people are participating
    So the number of participants

Write the info in the white fields.
Above the fields is always written,
which info you have to write.

You can also write us something
in the field: Message.

For example:
If you want to tell us something else important.
Or if you need help.
Because you have a disability.

Zeichnnung eines Computers mit E-Mail-Symbol
Zeichnung eines Telefons


You must fill in some fields.
The fields always have an asterisk: *

You must check 2 boxes at the end at:

  1. Herewith I register bindingly
    for this event.
    Binding means: you definitely want to participate.

  2. I hereby accept the data protection declaration.
    This means: You agree
    that we store your data for the event.
    The data protection declaration states
    what we are allowed to do with your data.

    We do not pass on your data.
    We comply with the laws on data protection.

You must fill in all fields marked with an asterisk *.

At the end click on: Submit.
Then you have booked an appointment.
You will receive an e-mail as confirmation.

Zeichnung eines roten Dreiecks mit einer Frau die den Zeigefinger hebt. Das heißt: "Achtung wichtig!"
Zeichnung eines blauen Gesetzesbuchs

If there is no more space available:
Then you will be put on the waiting list.
Then you will also receive an e-mail.

The email says:
You are on the waiting list.

That is:
We will get back to you
if a place becomes free.
And you can join in.

We will be glad to help you.
If you have questions.
Or need help.

Zeichnung einer WartelisteWarteliste


Anita Hachmann

Phone: 0 21 31 - 90 41 32

Zeichnnung eines Computers mit E-Mail-Symbol

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